Joe Day Honored

95th Evac Hospital Billboard
Joe Day being honored

Mr. Joe Day of Fort Lauderdale Florida receives his Bronze Star 33 years after it was earned at the 95th Evacuation Hospital Reunion in Las Vegas, Nevada in 2005.

Dr. Gene Pawlowski former Major at the 95th Evacuation Hospital in DaNang, Viet Nam makes the presentation while a nurse Joe served with pins the Bronze Star on his Lapel.

Joe you are credit to our Nation and a hero to all of us.


Da nang 2007

I wish to thank Richard Brown a former Marine Viet Nam veteran who currently resides in DaNang, Viet Nam for his contribution of information and photographs of the 95th Evacuation Hospital former Tent City and the Fixed Site locations. The information and photographs is helping our veterans to understand what the old locations looks like in modern times.

Richard returned to Viet Nam in 2005, met a beautiful woman, got married and is in the process of building a new home. Richard we appreciate all your help with the current site history.

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